Libbie Griffin

Democratic Candidate for

North Carolina Senate
Carteret - Craven - Pamlico






When I became a candidate for the North Carolina Senate last December no one could have dreamed the year 2020 that we have been living. At that time my reason for running was to help reverse the many laws passed by the General Assemby since 2010 that have hurt people in North Carolina. That continues to be my intention but things have changed.

Covid-19 has attacked our state, our nation, our world. It has killed a great many people and made thousands more very ill. It has cost millions of jobs and made many families face the possible loss of their homes. Now my primary focus is helping people who have been harmed by the pandemic.


It is the responsibility of all of us to help those who have been impacted by the Corona virus. We will do this individually and through our churches and our organizations, but we must also insist that the federal and state governments do their share.

Let's help our neighbors get back on their feet!


Libbie Griffin 4 NC Senate

P.O. Box 807

New Bern, NC 28563

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