My Family

I am a mother, a step-mother, a grandmother and a great-grandmother. My family is the most important part of my life. You can see it's quite a group -- you wouldn't want my Christmas shopping list!  Since the picture shown above was taken five years ago four very special little people have been added to the family. Shown below on the left is the family of my oldest grandson and on the right the newest member of my family, son of my second grandson and his wife.

All my kids -- from those in their 50s to the newest babies -- have taught me the importance of treating children with love and kindness. We must feed them well, protect their health, and give them an education that will enable them to succeed as adults. Today many North Carolina parents need our state's help to provide for their children. In the past ten years our Tea Party General Assembly has taken much from the families who can least afford it. They have rejected federal food assistance, denied many working families financial assistance with childcare, taken money from our schools and hurt kids in other ways.


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